Process Excellence

Process Excellence - Thriving Partners LLC

Want to increase productivity and profitability?

Looking to drive down costs without sacrificing quality?

Want to improve your product or service quality?

Looking to build and maintain a loyal customer base to gain the competitive edge?

Our approach to process improvement is rooted in the fact that it is a leadership philosophy … one that is strategically centered, leadership driven, customer focused, and contributor supported.

The vitality of an organization begins with an inspiring and rallying vision which depicts what the organization will look like in the future, a mission which states how the organization will move toward this vision in a specified period of time, and principles which serve as a solid foundation for the direction and growth of your organization. Creating an environment that is structured around the needs and expectations of your customers, making decisions based upon fact, not opinion, and using simple tools to gather and analyze information will allow all of your employees to meet and exceed your customers’ expectations.

Leadership directs the teams to focus upon those critical or core processes that will produce desired and necessary results. This approach not only generates incredible gains to the organization in terms of higher quality, greater productivity, and greater customer satisfaction, it also improves employee moral and loyalty. 

In many instances this is the first time that the team members have had a say in determining what and how they do their jobs.  Team members may engage in two tracks:  Root Cause Analysis to eliminate Variation (Sigma), or Cycle Time Reduction to eliminate Non-Value Added Steps (Lean).   Our proven methods supported by contemporary tools instill learning in the organization to establish sustainable gains in profitability, speed to market, and loyal customer base growth.

The implementation model that we use is distinctive in its comprehensive, culturally sensitive approach to our clients. The cultural uniqueness of each organization is understood and valued by us. We guide you in designing and implementing a continuous business improvement process which is based on foundational quality principles, and one that is also tailored to address the needs of your organization. Our processes combine both education (what needs to be done) and skill development (how to do it). Experience has taught us that high performance is achieved when commitment, energy, and efforts are focused on customer satisfaction through the continuous improvement of an organization’s Strategy, Systems, and People. 

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